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About us

Archled is an integrated foreign trade company specializing in led commercial lighting, industrial lighting, architectural lighting, control system export, a series of network services integrated foreign trade companies.
The company has two senior foreign trade business managers, who have worked in the LED industry over 7 years. There is a senior enterprise management staff, who used to work in a series of large science and technology service companies, such as Evoc Group, China International Merchants Network, and Camel passenger business service company etc., with very rich work and management experience.
 Based on the advantages of shenzhen as an international metropolis, the company established an Archled international professional trading service system with shenzhen characteristics under the industry environment of LED industry concentration.
At present, Archled has gathered five manufacturers as partners. Relying on the resources and negotiation skills of the company's founder, Archled have achieved the advantages of quick after-sales response, quick production cycle, quick inquiry service and good price with warranted quality, which has brought an immeasurable role to the global LED industry. Especially in the Philippines and the United States, we have a large number of successful cases. Customers are very satisfied with our service and after-sales service as well as the price. One of our clients has more than 20 orders a year, which is the biggest and most substantial support and encouragement for us. It's also his best choice as well.
 A good enterprise is not blowing out, only the customer recognition of the enterprise is an excellent enterprise, as to get customer recognition is not so easy thing. Archled's practice in the following three aspects was highly recognized by our customers.
 First, respond quickly.
Respond to all inquiries or after-sales questions from customers and deal with them actively. Archled answers questions from customers in 2 to 24 hours, with most of the questions answered in 5 hours.
 Second, reasonable profit.
Archled is a service company that makes a reasonable profit and refuses to make excessive profits. No matter new customers or old customers, Archled refuse to profiteering, only win-win is our choice. Every customer we serve would like to think of Archled in their first mind the next time they have a inquiry. Of course, Archled is not blindly in the pursuit of low price and does not pay attention to quality. Usually, our company will provide two or three solutions for customers to choose. Cooperation with us is equivalent to sharing our supplier group, and reducing the trouble of communication at the same time. After-sales and communication only need to contact with us, it help you save trouble and effort and also get more resources.
 Third, efficient after-sale system.
In the aspect of after-sales service, many manufacturers need customers to send back the bad goods to their factory to check the reasons before they can deal with the issues. Some directly refused to compensate. Archled is more flexible in handling such issues. For some non-special problems, we only need customer to provide pictures and video. For the rest, we will go to the factory to deal with it and deliver the compensated goods to the customer Asap. Last time, there was a customer whose waterproof power supply broke down dozens of units. After knowing the situation, we asked the customer to send video and photos to our company. Archled boss rushed to the factory and asked the manufacturer to urge the accessories manufacturer for the production schedule of the new waterproof power supply. After the production lead time confirmed, he kept every three days a phone call to stare at the shipment till it's finished.
Service not only that, especially the Philippines market, there are quite a few customers don't understand controllers and want to do some lighting effects. It is usually done by sending them the product manual and making some effects files initially requested. But our service doesn't stop there, some effects they don't know how to do when they use, we will also communicate with the controller manufacturer and have the effect files ready sending to them, so they can just directly import.
 There is no best but better. I believe Archled is the better choice for you. You have more time to do what you want to do in cooperation with Archled. You don't need to worry about high price, because Archled refuses excessive profits. You don't have to worry about being cheated, because Archled is dedicated to serving every customer. And you don't have to worry about after-sales issues, because Archled will help you solve them.



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Add: 3rd Floor, Building A, Mingjinhai Second Industrial Zone, Shiyan Street, Baoan, Shenzhen,Guangdong,China

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