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8 ms has gradually become the mainstream 19 inch LCD shipments increased rapidly

With the continuous progress of LCD technology, the current 8 ms LCD has become the mainstream of the market, while the display size of 19 inches in the proportion of shipments increased. Where professionals are expected to 19 inch LCD display shipments ratio in the 3 quarter is expected to exceed 35%.

BenQ said that due to the LCD market competition in Taiwan is already making strong, price shopping companies profit space is limited, the price of the aircraft reduce shipments in this case have many brands, on one hand by improving the display response time method to improve the added value of the products, on the other hand, significantly enhanced 19 inch LCD display promotion.

In the performance of the display on behalf of the public brands have said that the DVI-D interface will become the standard LCD display in the future, and the future will only be D-SUB interface LCD will not be launched. It is expected that the 4 quarter shipments will reach the proportion of 40%, while the 17 inches is also expected to remain at a market share of 57.5% of the rate of 19.

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