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Flexible LED Screen Indoor SI Series

Flexible LED screen is also called flexible led display. It is made up of LED pixels pitched on a pliable material like rubber or PCB. This structure makes flexible LED screens highly resilient. They can be contorted during installation and still deliver crisp images. Compared with indoor fixed LED screens and outdoor rental LED screens, flexible LED screens can be designed to roll, bend, and swing, and can be made into any shape of LED splicing screen at will. Flexible LED displays can be used in various fields and applications, such as shopping malls, shopping malls, bars, discotheques, stages, indoor buildings, TV, exhibitions, performances.

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- Innovative Full Flexible Modules.Featured with full flexible mudules,you can bend SI series modules easily without damaging the LED lamps.

- Perfect curvature.For conventional cabinet,you may easily to spot the cabinet splicing gap and the curvature is not smooth continuous when making curved shapes. SI series can ensure that the entire screen surface is smooth and the curvature is continuous.

- Front Maintenance. With magnetic led modules, it is very easy and convenient for installation.

- Creative Application.Highly customizable in terms of size, shape, and pixel pitch. You can customize almost any creative shapes as you can imagine.


ParametersSI- 1.5SI- 1.8SI-2SI-2.5SI-2.5BSI-3SI-4
Pixel Pitch(mm)1.561.87522.52.534
LED ConfigurationSMD1010SMD1515SMD1515SMD2020SMD2020SMD2020SMD2020
Module Size(mm)250* 125240* 120256* 128240* 120320* 160240* 120256* 128
Module Resolution160*80128*64128*6496*48128*6480*4064*32
Scan Mode40323224322016





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