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LED DANCE FLOOR INDOOR P5.2 is a digital display device customized for indoor and outdoor exhibition halls and special background environments. It uses the most advanced optical sensing technology in China to sense human movements and accurately capture the changes of moving objects on the LED screen. The stage renderings are based on the Puller effect, using the most advanced planar antenna technology on the market, making it also equipped with optical sensing technology, allowing users to have an immersive experience.

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Product Model

Lamp bead model

Product box
Die-cast aluminum box, aluminum plate box, iron box




ITEMPROJECTP5.2 Indoor Floor Screen
Pixel compositionArrangement formVertical
Pixel tube spacing5.2mm
Pixel composition1R1G1B (three in one)
Lamp bead modelSMD1921 (chip ratio 3:6:1)
Physical density36864 dots/
Module/box sizeModule size250 width x 250 height (mm)
Module resolution48 width x 48 height (dot)
Box size500 (width) × 1000 (height) mm
Box weight23KG/pc
Box thickness9cm (including module thickness)
Full screen parametersOut of control point≤3/100000
Unit module splicing seamThe size of the unit board gap splicing seam is the same, and ≤ 2mm
Optimal distance5-60m
PerspectiveHorizontal 140°, vertical 140°
Surface roughnessMaximum error ≤ 2mm
Ink color on the screen surfaceConsistent ink, no reflection
UniformityModule brightness is uniform, uniformity 1:1
powered byUse environmentIndoor
Working humidity range10% to 90% RH
range of working temperature-20 to 65 
Maximum power600W/
Average power300W/
Control SystemControl host operating systemXP computer + control software and hardware + playback software and hardware
way to controlSynchronize with computer VGA (display synchronization)
Control SystemDVI graphics card + full color control card + optical fiber transmission
input methodComputer and other peripherals, PAL/NTSC/SECAM, S-Video; VGA; RGB; Composite Video; SDI, etc.
Screen function technical parametersLED driverConstant current drive (16 scans)
Computer display mode640×480, 800×600, 1024×768
Refresh rate2000hz
Grayscale/colorLevel 8192
Whole screen brightness 2500 cd/
Service lifeMore than 100,000 hours
Display contentVideo DVD, VCD, TV, images, text, animation, and others.
Continuous trouble-free working time≥10000 hours
interfaceStandard Ethernet network interface, communication adopts RS-422
Communication medium, control distanceMulti-mode optical fiber <500m, single-mode optical fiber transmission <30km, Category 5 cable <100m
Protection technologyMoisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-static, anti-lightning, and has the functions of over-current, short-circuit, over-voltage and under-voltage protection
softwareGeneral LED video playback software (conventional), Customized player (smart sensor)




- Waterproof and moisture-proof. The bottom shell, face shield, power cord and signal line of indoor LED floor screen module are specially designed and equipped with waterproof and moisture-proof materials. They are made of raw materials with low moisture absorption coefficient. After multiple sealing treatments, they have good waterproof and moisture-proof functions. The front and back of the box can reach the waterproof level of IP45.

- Anti-slip and wear-resistant LED intelligent interactive floor screen mask is made of imported PC material, which has high abrasion resistance and flexibility, and good resistance to high and low temperatures, designed according to the mechanics principle, the mask has good anti-skid and load-bearing functions.

- Super load-bearing. Each component of the LED intelligent interactive floor screen is designed according to different mechanics, and the ultimate load-bearing capacity per square meter can be as high as 3 tons.

- Quiet cooling. The power box of the LED intelligent interactive floor screen box adopts a die-cast aluminum box with better heat dissipation. A special heat dissipation device is designed by a professional R&D team to achieve a better silent heat dissipation function.




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