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LED Underground Inground Light Outdoor IP67 DC24V 3W 6W 9W 12W 15W 18W

LED Underground Inground Light Outdoor IP67 DC24V 3W 6W 9W 12W 15W 18W are a great option for outdoor lighting design, also called led inground light, led buried light, led recessed light. LED underground light is widely used for contemporary architecutre, public cultural buildings, museums, galleries, landsmarks, walls, landscape lighting projects, etc. It is also used for night lighting in park gardens, lawns, courtyards, flower beds, pedestrian streets, waterfalls, fountains and so on.

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Product Features

- High-quality stainless steel panel, super pressure using new thickened stainless steel material, super pressure, after a variety of anti-rust process, dust and rain, anti-corrosion, anti-cracking, durable.

- High quality toughened glass mask, high schematicity, high hardness, anti-seismic and not easily broken, high light transmittance, uniform light color.

- Conjoined optical lens, integrated conjoined optical lens, with high light transmission.

- Convection and heat dissipation design, integrated thickening aluminum, air convection design, effectively solve the heat dissipation problem, ensure the life of the light source.

- Brand drive power, convenient installation, intelligent IC driver, lightning protection, long service life.

- Single color and RGB for selection, heating white light, positive white light, red, blue, green, yellow. Dimming white light applies to the place that needs warm white illume, can build a warm color atmosphere. Positive white light line is bright to meet the demand of high brightness lighting.


Product NameLED Underground Light Outdoor IP67 
Lighting ColorCold White/Warm White/
MaterialStainless steel+Tempered glass
Input Voltage(V)DC12V/24V
Light SourceLED
LED ChipEpistar High Power
Beam Angle15°/30°/45°/60°/90°
Luminous Efficiency(lm/w)100
Color Rendering Index(Ra)80
Lifespan (hours)50000
Working Temperature() -20-60
IP RatingIP67
Warranty(Year)2 Years









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