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Led anti-glare spotlight hotel living room home narrow side wall washer cob spotlight recessed

Spotlights are popular for accent lighting. They focus a beam of light that highlights a special feature such as an artwork or architectural design, making them ideal for showcasing important elements of a space. Beside accent lighting, a spotlight like Archled can be used to enhance ambiance in your home. Choose between warm white (3000 Kelvin), neutral white (4000 Kelvin) and cool white light (6000 Kelvin). This recessed downlight comes in three sizes and fits your home perfectly.

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Product: Recessed Anti-glare spotlight

Category: Commercial Lights

Lighting Classification: LED Spotlight

Wattage: 7/10/12/15Watts

Input Voltage: AC185-265V

Materials: Aluminum

Color: Warm White, Cool White, Daylight

CCT(K): 3000K/4000K/6500K

Lumens: 100-120LM/W

Dimensions: φ85xH80mm/ φ85xH85mm/φ85xH110mm

Cut-Out: φ75mm

Beam Angle: 36°

CRI: >90

IP Rating: IP20

LED Brand: Osram/Bridgelux

Lifespan: 50,000hours

Warranty: 3 Years Warranty

Installation Methods: Recessed




- 3000K, 4000K, 6000K, three colour temperatures available.

- Two reflector colours available, white, black.

- Lamp body is made of high quality aluminium with one piece die-casting, efficient heat dissipation and safer.

- Deep cup anti-glare, split structure for more convenient installation, 7mm narrow edge, deep hidden light source.

- Adjustable irradiation angle, left and right adjustable 30 degrees lighting, you can freely choose the irradiation angle.

- Suitable for accent lighting in the living room.





Suitable for accent lighting in the living room, Shop & Shopping Mall, museums, etc.


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