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Free Bending Flexible LED Wall Washer Light RGB 42LEDs per Meter

Free Bending Flexible LED Wall Washer Light RGB 42LEDs per Meter is a high-quality, flexible, commercial wall wash lighting solution, featuring commercial-grade LEDs. The LEDs are fitted with a lens that focuses the light to a much narrower beam angle than standard LED strips with a 120deg beam angle. This throws the light much further enabling the strip to create an even wash of light to walls, corridors, exhibition flats and many more applications where a bright wash of light is required. With an IP67 rating, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, it can be used to illuminate outdoor signs and logos for shops, restaurants and commercial premises.

Email: info@archled.net

Product Descriptions

- Encapsulated with high quality TPU or silicone material, anti-UV rates 4.5 grade, fire resistance V0. Waterproof IP67;

- Super high flexbility, minimum bendable diameters of strip design (Soft and bendable) ideal for curved cove;

- Symmetrical optical lens including: 20°, 30°,40°,45°,60° and asymmetric 20*40°;

- Wash 3-4 meters high wall;

- Can be cuttable and re-connected by smart accessories;

- High efficay up to 110LM/W for white;

- Maximum 5 meters per continous run length powered from one end;



Item NameRGB Wall washer lighting    Light Source           5050 RGB
Working T-20 to 45 DegreePower8W/M
Housing ColorWhiteAngle20°,30°,45°,60°
IP RatingIP67Cutting Unit166.7mm
PackageAnti-Static BagLifetime50000Hrs
Dimension5000mm*18.5mmWarrantyThree years









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